About Us

Handmade in Borneo

Our Story

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside…

That’s how it all starts. That famous line; a literal reference to what we’ve all experienced at least once before, that oh-so-familiar feeling of LOVE. Quirky, tingling, beautiful, strange and breath-taking, we can’t help but be constantly drawn to it. Love is a many-splendored thing and that is the aim, to produce handmade thingamajigs that remind us of that feeling and spread it to everyone.

This is a very simple story about two people. One audacious, the other fearless but both equally goofy, Hazel and Violynn have been besties since childhood. They have always possessed a very artistic eye for developing one-of-a-kind, vintage accessories.

What started as an idea grew to be an entrepreneurship between them; thus, naming their partnership HAZELYNN (a blend between the names Hazel and Violynn). In March 2013, HAZELYNN took off with a handmade line aptly named “ HAZELYNN Vintage Box”, with Hazel as the brilliant marketeer and Violynn the crafty HR personnel.

Our Logo

The year 2014 was one heck of a rollercoaster ride but it never stop both Hazel and Violynn from bouncing back stronger. Like Gandhi said “Adversity is the mother of progress” and boy did they ever!

They came up with a simple yet compelling tagline “Celebrating Love” and an intriguing logo derived from the dream catcher. Fittingly named “Love Catcher”, it has a more contemporary feel and is meant to represent HAZELYNN in a nutshell: to capture all the warm and snugly elements of love and dreams.

Our Style

HAZELYNN’s products are all unique, just like our own personal experience of love. All of their accessories are produced through patience, concentration and careful hands. They are especially for you and your loved one. Some of their favourites include the use of gemstones, pearls, crystals, leather and lots more. Be it classy, minimalistic, colourful or catchy, they do it all.

If you need a specially, made-to-order designs for your special occasions, please email to [email protected]